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Course Categories

AS the New Coronavirus (Covid19) has been upgraded to Pandemic Status, WorldWide Learning has, for the foreseeable future, made ALL services FREE OF CHARGE.

This means that not only can students access ALL our courses FREE of CHARGE but teachers can also add their own courses for students to access.

To take advantage of this FREE offer students should enter the code "covid19" when registering for a course.

This offer will remain in force until the threat from the virus subsides, schools reopen and things return to normal.

Course Categories are listed below.

All Courses are in English.

Courses for students UP TO Secondary School level are FREE when you Register.

Courses for Secondary Students and above are Currently about US$6.00 and last for about 3 months.

A Discount of 100% is currently available for Students during the New Coronavires Pandemic .

Use the code 'covid19' during course registration.

You can always see the course prices before you buy.

Some Courses or those set by "External Teachers" may be more expensive. This will depend entirely on the course content, its duration and complexity.

Sub Categories:

Category Image

Hours of entertaing videos for pre-school children that will entertain and educate all at the same time.

Category Image

Some easy and entertaing learning courses for students.

Category Image

A little more demanding now but still entertaining, easy education.

Category Image

This is where you are going to start to do some serious - easy learning.